To be your most trusted factory in aluminum industry!

Jinan Zhangyang Aluminum Co., Ltd is one of the largest aluminum material manufacturer in the north China.

Aluminum sheet and aluminum coil material are widely used in many different industries. Such as the following examples: Curtain wall material, Cookware material, Nameplate material,Decorative and reflective material,Food & Chemical processing and storage container,Tank container,Pressure vessel, Cooling fin,Building Material , Insulation, Shoes &Tents Eyes, Corner Beads

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Why Choose Us
  • 1, We will reply within 1 hour;
  • 2, Samples can be supplied;
  • 3, Booking the ship as customer required , and choosing the cheaper one for you;
  • 4, Supply the loading pictures to every customer for checking;
  • 5, After customer getting the goods , any problems, we will solve them immediately;
  • 6, Supply certificate for customers , as DNV , MTC ,SGS ,CCPIT;
  • 7, Third party inspection at your request
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