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1050 Aluminum Circle

1050 Aluminum Circle
1050 Aluminum circle is a suitable material for cookware. We also provide aluminum disk, aluminum disc. Click for more information and discount price.Aluminum circle suppliers, China most biggest manufacturer of aluminum circle.
Product Details:

1050 aluminum circle

1050 Aluminum Circle Basic Information 

1050 Aluminum Circle Description

aluminum circle.pngaluminum circle.png

1050 Aluminum Circle Applications:
1050 Aluminum circle is suitable for making kitchen utensils:
Stock pots        Tea kettles             pans                    Pressure cookers                           Pizza                       Fry pans         Rice cookers           Coffee urns            Electric skillets                      Restaurant cookware

Bakeware        Bread Makers       

Rode sign        Name plate         Car Number Plate           

Aluminum circle.pngaluminum circle.png

Packing And Loading:
Seaworthy wooden pallet Package. Customized Packing is Also Welcomed

1050 aluminum circle.png1050 aluminum circle.png

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