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Aluminum Discs

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Product Details:

Aluminum Discs

1. Aluminum Discs Specifications

1.high quality and service guarantee. . 
2.flat clean surface and neat cutting edge. 
3.1050 1060 1100 3003 aluminum discs 

4. Min diameter: 150mm

5. Max diameter: 1.2meter/1200 mm 

6. Min thickness: 0.35 mm 

7. Max thickness: 5mm 

8. Package quantity: 1-1.5tons/pallets 

9. Minimum order quantity: 500kgs 

2. Aluminum Discs Display 

aluminum discs.png

3. Aluminum Discs Production Process 

Aluminum ingot-melt into aluminum water-aluminum billet-aluminum coil-punching into aluminum discs-quality inspection-packaging-shipping

Aluminum Discs .jpg

4. Aluminum Discs Packing & Shipping 

  1. Usually we use wooden pallet, wooden box is also suitable if you required. 

  2. Our package has been qualified for many years, there will not be any water into it. 

  3. The 20 feet container can load 18--22tons, 40 feet container can load 25 tons. 

Aluminum Discs .jpg

5. Our Factory 

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6. Other Products 

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