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Aluminum Sheet Size

aluminum sheet 1100 5052 6061
Product Details:

aluminum sheet size

aluminum sheet size 

1.Name:  aluminum sheet  size 1100 1050 3003

2.Alloy : 1100, 1050, 3003, 5052, 6061

3.Temper: O H12H 14 H24 H32 H111 H114 T6 T651  

4.Thickness: 0.5--350mm

5.Width: 400--2000mm

6.Surface:  Smooth, clean, be free of oil, stain, scratch, wave and corrosion, ready for paint, oxidation and lamination.

7.Production standard

Chemical Composite: GB/T 3190-2008, JIS, EN, ASTM

Mechanical Property: GB/T 3880-2006, JIS, EN, ASTM

8.Usage:  Road signs, Kitchen utensils; storage device on food and chemical products; slot, tank, pressure vessel for transportation of liquid product, and pipeline; Heat sink; Makeup board; Photocopying machine drum; boat material; low load spare parts; duct for gasoline or lubricating oil; material for chassis and cabinets; Heat exchanger; Partition of rooms, Baffle plate; movable housing plate; heat insulation board for car; Deep drawing products; Medical equipment parts; Roofing materials; Car license plate etc.

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aluminum sheet size production

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aluminum sheet size packing

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