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Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheets

aluminum diamond plate 1.thickness: 1-10mm 2.width: 400-1500mm
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aluminum diamond plate sheets

aluminum diamond plate sheets

The surface of the plate with the pattern known as the aluminum diamond plate. Its pattern into a lentil-shaped, diamond-shaped, round bean-shaped, oblate mixed shape, the most common market to lentils.

aluminum diamond plate sheets information

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aluminum diamond plate sheets application

Beautiful shape of the board, to non-slip, strengthen the performance, save steel and many other advantages. In transportation, construction, decoration, equipment around the floor, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields have a wide range of applications. In general, the use of square on the mechanical properties of the board, mechanical performance is not high, so the quality of the main pattern is the pattern into flower rate, pattern height, pattern height difference. Currently available on the market from the thickness of 1.0-8mm ranging from the width of the common 1250,1500 mm two.

aluminum diamond plate sheets

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