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1 series aluminum plate features and uses
Nov 26, 2018

Representative: 1050, 1060, 1100.


1: Low density: the density of pure aluminum is 2.7KG/M3. About 35% of iron

2: It can be strengthened: pure aluminum can increase its strength by more than 1 time by cold working, and it can be further strengthened by heat treatment by adding elemental alloys such as magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium and lanthanum Its strength can be combined with alloy steel. compared to.

3: Easy processing: Aluminum can be cast by any casting method. His plasticity is good, and most machines can reach the maximum speed for machining such as turning, milling, boring and planing.

4: Corrosion resistance:

The surface of aluminum and its alloys tends to form a dense, strong A 2 O 3 protective film that can only be destroyed by the stimulation of halogen ions or alkali ions. Marine atmosphere) corrosion and water corrosion.

5: no low temperature brittleness: aluminum is below zero, and as the temperature decreases, the strength and plasticity unfairness will not decrease, but will increase.

6: Conductive, good thermal conductivity: aluminum is conductive, thermal conductivity is second only to silver, copper and gold.

7: Strong reflectivity: the polished surface of aluminum has a white reflectance of more than 80%, and the higher the purity, the higher the reflectance. At the same time, aluminum has good reflection properties for infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves , and heat radiation.

8: No magnetism, no impact on the spark.

9: Sound absorption

10: Nuclear radiation resistance

11: Aesthetic: His reflection ability is strong, and the surface is silvery white. High finish and brightness can be achieved after machining. Through anodizing and coloring, colorful, dazzling products can be obtained.

12: It cannot be heat-treated and can only be cold worked to increase the strength, but the strength is not high.


Chemical equipment, inland watercraft equipment, various containers (tenks, pressure tanks, tea stoves, etc.), conductive materials, chemical equipment, instruments and meters, signs (equipment signs, highway signs, motor vehicle licenses, etc.), building decoration Materials, hardware Cookware, mechanical parts that are not stressed