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1000 Series Pure Aluminum Features (I)
Dec 21, 2017

1000 series aluminum is pure aluminum, the representatives: 1050,1060,1100, 1070, 1200, etc.

Features of 1000 series aluminum:

1: Low density: pure aluminum density 2.7KG / M3, it's about 35% of iron

2: Can be strengthened: pure aluminum can be doubled its strength by cold work. And by adding magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium, scandium and other elements of the alloy, 1000 series aluminum sheet can be further strengthened by heat treatment. 

3: Easy processing: aluminum can be cast by any kind of the casting methods. 1000 series aluminum sheet plasticity is good, most machines can reach the maximum speed for car, milling, boring, planing and other machining.

aluminum circle for cookware (13).png

4: Corrosion resistance: 1000 series aluminum sheet and its alloy surface is easy to generate a dense, solid Al₂O₃ protective film, this layer of protective film only in the halogen ions or alkali ions stimulus will create damage. Therefore, aluminum has a very good resistance to atmospheric (including the industrial atmosphere, and the marine atmosphere) corrosion and water corrosion.

5: No low temperature brittleness: aluminum below zero, with the temperature decreases, the strength and plasticity will not be reduced, but increased.

6: Conductive, good thermal conductivity: aluminum conductive, thermal conductivity second only to silver, copper and gold.