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7 series aluminum plate and 7075 aluminum plate
Nov 10, 2018

According to the different metal elements contained in the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate can be divided into 9 series. Let us introduce the 7 series aluminum plate:

7 series aluminum plate features:

It is mainly zinc, but sometimes it is necessary to add magnesium and copper in a small amount. Among them, the super-hard aluminum alloy contains the hardness of zinc, lead, magnesium and copper alloy close to the steel plate. The extrusion speed is slower than that of the 6-series alloy, and the welding performance is good. The grades 7005 and 7075 are the highest grades in the 7 series and can be heat treated and strengthened.

Applications: Aviation (aircraft load-bearing components, landing gear), rockets, propellers, aviation spacecraft.

7075 :

High-stress structural members requiring high strength and corrosion resistance for aircraft components, gears and shafts, instrument shafts and gears, mold manufacturing turbines, keys, aircraft, aerospace and defense

Features of the 7075:

1. High strength heat treatable alloy.

2. Good mechanical properties.

3. Good usability.

4. Easy to process and good wear resistance.