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Al veneer ceiling construction requirements
Mar 27, 2017

First: the elastic line--according to floor level and elevation, elastic around the ceiling level line along the wall and along the ceiling level line, mark the keel line in the wall. Next: install the main boom-in ceiling high elasticity and good line and position behind the line of the keel, on the identification of lower elevation of the head of the hangers and install the wall bars. Their distance should be between 900-1200mm also points to uniform distribution. Third: installation main keel--its spacing should be for 900-1200mm Zhijian, main keel with and of supporting of keel hanging pieces and hanging reinforced to installation, and times keel of installation is according to by selection of aluminum single Board of specific model and the manual to for, also has surface layer of installation and buckle article of has no are to according to by selected products of model and manual to for.