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Aluminum Plate Common Defects And Causes (I)
Nov 23, 2017

1. Surface bubbles

① Definition: the irregular circular or strip-shaped cavity bulge on the surface of aluminum plate/strip.The edge of the bubbles are smooth with irregular distribution which makes the aluminum sheet is Asymmetrical from one surface to the other surface.

② The main causes 

A) The surface of the billet is uneven and unclean and the segregation tumor on the surface is deep.

B) Milling surface is small or there are some surface defects, for example: dents or milling cutter marks aredeep;

C) the emulsion or air enters between the aluminum plate and the billet;

D) billet heating temperature is too high or too long.


2. Burr

① Definition: after cutting, there are varying sizes of thin wire or sharp and thin metal thorns in the edge ofaluminum sheet or aluminum coil.

② the main causes

A) the cutting edge is not sharp;

B) the lubrication of the cutting edge is poor

C) Improper adjustment of overlap amount and cutting edge clearance.

3. Prints

① definition: There is a single or periodic indentation or bulge on the surface of aluminum sheet and aluminum coil. The indentation or bulge is smooth. .

② the main causes

athere is some metal shavings or dirt on the surface of roller and guide roller 

bthere are defects or adhesion of dirt on the surface of process equipmentsuch as straightening machine, guide roller 

c) the sleeve surface is not clean or not smooth or there is some smooth bulge on it;

d) when rollingthere is dirt on the surface of aluminum sheet or aluminum coil.ALUMINUM SHEET.jpg