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Aluminum plate common defects and causes (II)
Nov 24, 2017

4 crack side

definition: plate, strip edge rupture, severe jagged.

the main causes

A) low ingot temperature, insufficient annealing in intermediate annealing or homogenization, poor metal plasticity;

B) improper control of the roll, the plate, with the edge of the tensile stress;

C) side clad aluminum is not complete;

D) end face injury, after trimming can not be eliminated;

E) pass processing rate is too large;

F) Coiling tension adjustment during cold rolling is not suitable.

5. bumps

Definitions and reasons: plate, strip in the process of handling or storage, and other objects in the collision after the surface or end surface damage

6. Holes

Definition: Penetration plate, strip hole or hole.

the main causes

A) slag, sticking, pressing, hole before slab rolling;

B) The pressed product is rolled off and then peeled off.

7. Non-metallic push-in

Definition: pressed into the plate, with the surface of the non-metallic inclusions. Non-metallic indentation is point-like, long or irregular shape, the color with the indentation into different things.

the main causes

A) the production equipment or the environment is not clean;

B) rolling process oil is not clean;

C) non-metallic foreign material in the blank;

D) slab surface scratches, sludge and other non-metallic foreign body residue in the depression;

E) During the production process, non-metallic foreign matter is dropped on the surface of the plate and strip.