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Aluminum Profile Knowledge
Nov 28, 2017

Aluminum profile is made of aluminum rod by hot melt, extrusion, resulting into different cross-sectional shape of the aluminum material. Aluminum production process includes casting, extrusion and color coating (mainly include: oxidation, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon coating, powder coating, etc.) .

Applications of aluminum profiles:

1. Industrial aluminum profile: mainly used for aircraft, trains, industrial radiators, cars, appliances and so on.

2. Building used aluminum profiles: mainly used for building windows and doors, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structure with aluminum.

Aluminum profile.pngaluminum profile.png

Key indicators:

1. Aluminum profile surface quality: the surface of the anodized profile does not have electric burns, oxide film shedding and other effects of the use of defects; electrophoresis, powder, fluorocarbon profiles after the paint film should be uniform, clean, smooth, does not have wrinkles, cracks , Bubbles, flow marks, inclusions and paint off the use of such defects. But in the end of the first 80mm of aluminum profile, it is allowed to have no no film.

The appearance quality of aluminum alloy profile affects the effect of architectural decoration. Therefore, the surface of the extrusive profile must be coated to avoid scratches, bumps and corrosion on the surface during transportation and stacking.

2. Aluminum profile wall thickness: the thickness of the profile is one of the main factors affecting the strength of the workpiece, the main aluminum profile is the force part in the project. For example, the minimum nominal wall thickness of the main profile of the outer window shall is not be less than 1.4mm.

3. Aluminum profile film thickness: the extruded aluminum profiles don’t have good surface corrosion resistance, so it need to have surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum, wear resistance and to make appearance more beautiful.

4. Aluminum profile colors: with different grades and status of the alloy, the same color will have different effects on the surface of the aluminum profile. 

5. Salt spray corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, mortar resistance, etc.: This is an important aluminum alloy profile, reflecting the performance of aluminum alloy profiles, the impact of use.