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Aluminum sheet how to clean up maintenance
Mar 27, 2017

First, when cleaning aluminum veneer, all aluminum white washing agent for removing oil oil clean and oxide, you should prepare two different OY-123 aluminum cleaning slot, one for the aluminum sheet oil removing, one for the aluminum sheet wash white, single slot there is a serious pollution problem can be solved. Second, while cleaning the aluminum sheet should be based on building bath concentration to the deployment of tank, modulated to stir dissolved, and shake the liquid poured out of the barrel. Third, in clean maintenance Shi, should according to artifacts number gradually increased, due to using time extended, and is artifacts away slot liquid, problem, slot liquid of effective components and liquid surface will appeared declined, if surface oil many, slot liquid also compared dirty, that can timely added OY-123 aluminum material except oil wash white agent, if also is compared dirty words, that on should will slot liquid all replaced.