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Analysis of defects in aluminum sheets, strips and foils
Jan 02, 2019

  According to the impact of defects on quality and standard provisions:

  1: No defects are allowed:

  Such defects mean that the product is absolutely scrapped. He includes making the tissue not dense, grain size damage, inclusions, over-burning, etc.

  2: Allowed defects:

  Such defects are specified in the standard or can be classified into a certain defined defect, although they can reduce the overall performance of the product, but can still be used. For example: bubbles, waves, scratches, scratches, etc. The defects that are allowed to exist slightly are: crimping, non-metallic pressing, and the like. Defects that meet the standards are: small black spots, broken injuries, etc.

  3: Other defects: There are no specific provisions in the standard and there are specific but not specific defects. Such as: water marks, patterns and so on.