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Application of broken bridge aluminum plate at the top of the sun room
Nov 10, 2018

The top material of the sun room has been particularly prosperous in the sun room profile market. The materials mainly include: tempered glass, color steel plate, degao tile, broken bridge aluminum and so on. Below we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of broken bridge aluminum sheet material.

In the early decoration materials market, the top of the sun room used traditional tempered glass production process. With the continuous change of market materials, the use of broken aluminum plates to make sun room has become a popular trend in the market. In the manufacturing process of the sun room, the main reason is to select the broken aluminum frame for the production, and then fill the middle of the skeleton with a specific insulating glass material to meet the various quality requirements of the customer for the sun room. The sun room made of aluminum plate completely solves the feeling of dryness caused by overheating in summer in daily life.

With the development of technology, we believe that there will be more sun room profiles into our sunny life, giving us a higher level of sunshine enjoyment.