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Application of Insulation Aluminum Coil
Dec 01, 2017

Nowadays, in the rapid development of electrical energy, whether thermal power plants or nuclear power plants are erected. There is such a process in the electric power infrastructure industry, that is, is the insulation process of the heat pipe and equipment. The application of the insulation aluminum coil in is very extensive. It is also a market for insulation aluminum coil. It is also a great insulation coil market that worth to develop and marketing.

When you walk into the power plant, the first thing that catches the eye is the various pipes that wrapped in aluminum coil. From the heat pipe, fan pipe to the air conditioning pipes, etc., there will be insulation aluminum coil there.Insulated aluminum coil wrapped in insulated rock wool, the appearance is uniform, bright and clean. Power plant has a lot of heat pipes, the vertical and horizontal pipes are staggered in the steam room and boiler room. The total length will reach to tens of kilometers long. With the decorative appearance of aluminum coil, the pipes are becoming a beautiful landscape of the power plant. Most of them become the highlights of the whole construction project.

A large quantity of insulation aluminum coil will be used in the power plant equipment , such as electric dust, induced draft fan, steam turbine, steam feed pump, deaerator, high and low pressure heaters . Insulation aluminum coil is also a common material for other equipment in power plants. After wrapping by rock wool layer , equipment are always wrapped in a thin layer of insulation aluminum in the outermost layer. So the insulation aluminum coil is widely used in the power plant. Where there is equipment, pipes, there is insulation aluminum coil.