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Basic knowledge of aluminum ingots and aluminum
Nov 16, 2018

Aluminum ingot:

At present, someone calls A00; in fact, it is 99.7% aluminum. In the London market is called "standard aluminum."

Aluminum is also called "Dura Aluminum". Due to the softness of aluminum, in 1906, the German metallurgist Wilm added a small amount of magnesium to the aluminum, which made the tough aluminum alloy. Later, the patent was bought by the German company Dura. Dura Aluminum

Aluminum AL

The most important characteristic of aluminum is its light weight, with a specific gravity of 2.7 at room temperature of around 20 degrees. The specific gravity of 700 degrees is 2.373.

  The specific gravity of 99.5 aluminum is: 2.71 density is about 1/3 of the general metal. Commonly used aluminum wires have a conductivity of about 61% of copper. Aluminum has a thermal conductivity of half that of silver.

   Pure aluminum is very soft and has little strength, but it has good ductility. It can be drawn into filaments and rolled foil. It is widely used in wire, cable and packaging industries. Its conductivity is two-thirds of copper, density. It is one-third, so the conductivity of aluminum is twice that of copper and the price is lower than that of aluminum wire and copper wire of equal mass and equal length. Therefore, the field high voltage line is mostly made of aluminum, which saves costs.