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Causes and treatment methods of white spots and whiteness of aluminum sheets
Nov 04, 2018

The aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate which is rolled by aluminum ingot, and is divided into a pure aluminum plate, an alloy aluminum plate, a brushed aluminum plate, an alumina plate, a pattern aluminum plate and the like. Aluminum sheets are currently widely used in household appliances, building decoration, car decoration and other places. In the process of production, the aluminum plate will inevitably have some problems such as white spots and whiteness. What are the causes and treatment methods of white spots and whiteness of aluminum plates?

1. Washing is not clean and should be washed.

2, the water used for washing is too dirty, easy to contaminate the film, at this time should replace the water to ensure the quality of washing.

3. The oxide film is polluted by smoke, acid and alkali mist in the air. Strengthening water washing, timely dyeing, and timely transfer can greatly alleviate this symptom.

4. The oxide film is contaminated by oil stains and perspiration. The protection must be strengthened and the appearance of the workpiece must not be touched by hand.

5. There are insoluble impurities in the dyeing liquid, which are contaminated by oil and destroy normal dyeing. At this time, the dyeing solution should be filtered or replaced, and the bath should be cleaned regularly.

6. There is residual acid in the gap and deep hole of the workpiece, and the workpiece should be washed with water.

7. The dyeing solution is contaminated, causing pitting corrosion of the dyed workpiece. At this time, the dye must be replaced. Attention should be paid to avoid introducing impurity ions during the operation.

The above is about the reasons for the white point and whiteness of the aluminum plate and the treatment method. This is only after we understand the post-processing methods for these reasons. When the aluminum plate has problems, we can take corresponding measures in time to ensure the quality and quantity reach the standard and reach the customer. Satisfied request.