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Different Types of Aluminum Tread Plate
Nov 14, 2017

Different Types of Aluminum Tread Plate

According to different patterns, the aluminum tread plate can be divided into many different types.

1. Five bars non-slip aluminum tread plate, also known as willow-shaped pattern aluminum plate. 5 bars aluminum tread plate has good anti-skid ability, and is widely used in building (floor) platform design and so on.

aluminum tread plate.pngaluminum embossed sheet.jpg

2. Stucco aluminum tread plate is divided into: classic pattern aluminum stucco plate, orange pattern variation aluminum (also known as insect pattern). Aluminum stucco plate is a often used material of  refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging.

3. Lentil pattern aluminum plate is a common used material for anti-slip products. Lentil pattern aluminum plate has good anti-skid effect, mainly used for cars, non-slip platform, anti-skid cold floor, anti-skid floor, elevator anti-skid aspects.

aluminum tread plate.pngaluminum tread plate .png

4. Spherical pattern aluminum plate, also called semicircular spherical pattern aluminum plate. It is mainly used for packing, for making cases.