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Five cutting methods for aluminum sheets
Dec 11, 2018

1, the use of high-pressure water for cutting, is now a more popular cutting technology, a more high-tech way. When used, the cutting edge is accurate and the cutting surface is clean and smooth, because the strong jet water flow can effectively prevent the aluminum plate from being deformed and has a relatively high cutting precision.

2, using woodworking chainsaw cutting, this method is also set and quantitatively large products, can be fixed length, using a chainsaw for cutting.

3, you can also use the manual aluminum cutting machine equipment to cut, so the equipment is also very simple to operate, you need to use human resources to cut off the material, the market hardware tool shop has to sell.

4, can also use semi-automatic aluminum cutting machine equipment, this method is more labor-saving, you can use mechanical equipment to complete it yourself, just need to find a suitable machine and equipment personnel to learn to operate.

5. Laser cutting is also possible. This technique uses the energy released by the laser beam when it is irradiated onto the surface of the steel sheet to melt and evaporate the aluminum alloy to produce the desired shape.