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Four points to check the quality of the pattern aluminum plate drawing
Jan 19, 2019

 How to detect the quality of patterned aluminum plate drawing? The aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum product which is formed on the surface of the aluminum plate by calendering and has various patterns on the surface. It is widely used in packaging, construction and curtain wall. So, how to check the quality of the brushed aluminum plate?

1, the inspection of the logo: the pattern aluminum plate we usually see is marked, and the logo is the standard code and license of the product.

2, the thickness of the oxide film: This is the need to use a professional eddy current thickness measuring instrument for testing.

3. Inspection of surface quality: In addition to cleaning or not, we need to see more things on the surface of the patterned aluminum plate. For example, we should look at whether there are some cracks in the aluminum plate or some corrosion. These are all things that need to be carefully observed to discover.

4. Sealing quality acid leaching method: The formation of sealing holes is formed after the anodizing process. If these sealing holes are not treated well, the subsequent aluminum plate will be corroded. Usually, the detection method we perform is acid leaching. After removing the dust on the surface, the nitric acid is dripped onto the surface. After gently wiping, the nitric acid is washed off with water, and then the purple syrup is dripped on the surface. After one minute, it is cleaned and seen. Look at the surface for obvious marks, if any, it means that the sealing is not handled well.