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High quality perforated aluminum veneer has the advantage of what
Mar 27, 2017

1, light weight, high rigidity. 2, weather resistance and good corrosion resistance. Can be effective against erosion of air pollution and acid rain, ultraviolet light, can guarantee 10 years do not change color, do not fade, not peeling off, does not burst, not powder. 3, excellent self cleaning, it is because special molecular structure of fluorine carbon coating its surface dust cannot be attached. 4, rich colors, good decoration effect, be able to meet many of the needs of users. 5, the intensity is high, is made of quality alloy aluminum, and because the opening is used in welding technology, which greatly improves the rigidity of aluminum. 6, the installation easy and fast. 7, can be recycled (aluminium can be recycled 100%), superior environmental performance.