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How to deal with waste in production of aluminum sheet aluminum
Mar 27, 2017

Method one: – flotation wastes containing wood and plastic, can be used to water as the flotation. Aluminium lightweight waste floating in the water, in the presence of water washed away, aluminum propeller launched at the other end of the pool. Throughout the process, in the process of winnowing the remaining dirt and dust and other soluble substances in a large volume in the water and was washed away by the water, into a settling tank. Sewage after settlement clarifications return recycling sludge regularly cleared. This method to detach all lightweight material with specific gravity than water, is a simple and easy method. Method two: magnetic separation--using magnetic separation method may elect one of magnetic waste materials. Iron and its alloys are harmful impurity from aluminium and its alloys, most influence on properties of aluminium and its alloys, so the maximum separated inclusions in the pretreatment process of iron and steel scrap, and the separation of scrap iron and steel the ideal technology is magnetic separation. This equipment is relatively simple, magnetic source from electromagnets or permanent magnets, variety of process design, easily crossed by a conveyor belt. Scrap along the lateral movement of the conveyor belt, when entering the field of scrap iron and steel after being sucked up in left lateral belts, vertical belt taken away immediately after, vertical running belt after leaving the field, scrap iron and steel lost gravity and automatic ground and be together.