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Hyperbolic aluminum veneer which features
Mar 27, 2017

Features: high strength. High quality aluminum alloy high strength due to openings with welding, aluminum and steel have been greatly improved, to ensure that the curtain walls against wind and rain leakage and air infiltration-proof, shock-proof, impact resistant, lightning effects. Characteristics: light weight, high rigidity. Feature: easy to install, fast. Aluminum sheet according to customer drawings to any of its processing plant, on-site installation. Features four: excellent weather resistance. Effectively resists UV, erosion, air pollution, acid rain, to protect the 10 years do not fade, do not peel off, does not burst, not powder. Features five: clean high, because the special molecular structure of fluorine carbon coating its surface dust cannot be attached, so no special cleaning with ion and surface tension of water technology can make you clean. Features six: easy processing. According to the user's needs, can be processed into a variety of geometric shapes, or spraying a variety of colors, and the use of the most advanced coating technology and equipment makes spraying more uniform and stronger adhesion. Features: the Green (aluminium plates can be 100%).