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Maintenance of aluminum
Jun 20, 2017

Aluminum is a kind of application of a wide range of metal building materials products, because of its advantages of soft texture and easy processing performance, as well as its surface noble metal texture, etc., by the people's favorite, but the aluminum products in the course of the use Not the correct maintenance, then the surface will be oxidized, how to maintain the daily life of aluminum products to maintain it?

Maintenance of aluminum products and methods:

It is advisable to scrub the aluminum windows and doors with corundum, sandpaper, wire brush or other friction material when scrubbing aluminum appliances. It should also pay attention to the following details:

1, is strictly prohibited aluminum profiles in the loading loose loading, resulting in bumps.

2, according to the use of the environment, aluminum doors and windows to regular cleaning.

3, aluminum surface erosion and pollution, it is necessary to timely cleaning, fouling can be first with a soft cloth stained with alcohol scrub, and then washed with water.

As shown in Figure 4, should use the use of lubricants or neutral cleaning agent warm water cleaning, not allowed to use acidic or alkaline cleaning agent.

5, scrub to soft cloth, towel is appropriate, is strictly prohibited to use corundum powder, sandpaper, wire brush or other friction scrub aluminum doors and windows surface.

6, after cleaning the aluminum alloy profiles, it is best to use high-quality paint to protect the wax on the anodic oxide coating, can also be evenly sprayed with a layer of acrylic grease