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Mold Aluminum Sheet
Nov 22, 2017

With the development of society and the market, the aluminum plate is more and more widely used in the mold industry. Because of its unique physical properties and chemical properties, aluminum gradually takes the place of the main market in the mold market. Aluminum sheet mold has significant advantages:

1, light weight. Because of its density is only 36% of the general mold steel, so the movement inertia is relatively low. During the production process, acceleration and deceleration are relatively easy to reduce the loss of machinery and mold.

2, easy machining and high dimensional stability. The cutting speed of more than 6 times faster than the average mold steel, it reduces a large number of mold processing time, so that mold can be faster production.

3, excellent thermal conductivity. Its thermal conductivity higher than the average mold steel, it can save the mold cold cutting time in production more than 50%, a substantial increase in the production efficiency of the mold. Therefore, aluminum in the injection mold, blow mold, low-pressure mold, rubber mold, mold 80% of different industries have a wide range of products. With the development of the market, the superhard aluminum in the European and American markets has now become the most important material for mold processing.

For shoe mold, 6061 T6 is better choice.