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Rust-Proof Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Coil And Applications
Nov 30, 2017

Rust-proof aluminum plate is mainly Al-Mn series and Al-Mg alloy. The main performance characteristics of these alloys is excellent corrosion resistance, it is called rust-proof aluminum sheet.

aluminum sheet.jpgaluminum sheet.jpg

Al-Mg alloy and Al-Mn alloy collectively referred to as rust-proof aluminum alloy, because both the alloy composition have increased their anti-corrosion properties. The representatives of Al-Mn alloy are 3003,3004,3105. 3003 aluminum sheet is more widely used. 3004 aluminum sheet, aluminum coil general Used in the top of the cans. 3105 aluminum sheet aluminum coil is the wire and other conductive products. According to the magnesium content of Al-Mg alloy followed by the order of 5005 5252 5251 5050 5052 5754 5083 5056 5086, etc. Al-Mg aluminum sheet were used in some antiseptic properties also have higher strength requirements in industries such as shipbuilding, containers and subway high-speed trains.  

aluminum sheet.jpgaluminum sheet.jpg

Rust-proof aluminum alloy contains manganese and other alloy elements. Ai-Mn-based alloys have higher corrosion resistance and strength than pure aluminum due to the effect of manganese, and have good weldability and ductility but poor machinability. Al-Mg-based alloys due to the role of magnesium, the density is lower than pure aluminum sheet,  has a very good corrosion resistance.