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The Application of Aluminum Sheet In The Computer
Nov 20, 2017

With the development of science and technology, Our life, entertainment, work are inseparable from the computer. Computer host, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, many are made of aluminum. This also mainly takes advantage of the heat dissipation characteristics of aluminum alloy and the simple process of surface treatment. Here are some of the computer hardware applications aluminum alloy.

Motherboard heat sink:

On a motherboard, you can see a large number of slots and switches, as well as resistors, capacitors and other electronic components. The heat resistance and pressure of aluminum heat sink on the motherboard performance and stability have an important role.

aluminum sheet.pngaluminum sheet.png

CPU heat sink:

As far as heat dissipation materials are concerned, the thermal conductivity of each material is different. Most of the industry use aluminum alloy plates, which are favored by major manufacturers due to their high thermal conductivity, low density and low price. 

aluminum sheet.pngaluminum sheet .png

All aluminum chassis and aluminum alloy keyboard:

Aluminum chassis can be considered a penny stock, good heat dissipation, high color value and compression resistance, relying on their better ductility and strength can be directly carried out high-intensity stamping, bending and so on.

Aluminum keyboard and chassis shell generally use 3003 aluminum sheet, do not worry about the use of plastic for a long time caused by hardening. It is easier to clean, not afraid of bump, durable, simple appearance more beautiful. In a macro view, sustainable development, recycling, energy saving and environmental protection are becoming more and more trendy. All aluminum chassis keyboards can not only preserve and recover the value, but also lend a helping hand on energy conservation and environmental protection.