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The Surface Treatment Process Of Aluminum Sheet (II)
Nov 16, 2017

5. Spraying aluminum sheet: Spraying aluminum sheet is used for external protection equipment, decoration, it is usually use on the basis of oxidation. Aluminum parts should be pre-treated before coating in order to make the coating and the workpiece combine firmly. Generally, there are three methods: phosphating (phosphate method), chrome (chromef-free) and chemical oxidation.

aluminum sheet (5).jpg

6. Electroplating aluminum sheet: that is, using the electrolysis principle to coat with a thin layer of other metals or alloys process on some metal surface. Through electroplating, decorative and functional surfaces can be obtained on the surface of mechanical products, as well as repairs worn and machined parts. The plating solution has acidic, alkaline, and acidic and neutral solutions with a chromium compound. No matter what kind of plating method is used, the plating bath, suspension and the like that are in contact with the product to be plated and the plating solution should have a certain degree of versaility. 

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7. Chemical polishing aluminum sheet: the use of aluminum and aluminum alloy in the production of acidic or alkaline electrolyte solution autolysis, to flatten the workpiece surface to reduce its surface roughness, PH chemical processing methods. This polishing method has the advantages of simple equipment, no need of power, no limitation of size, high speed and low processing costs. The purity of aluminum and aluminum alloy has a great impact on the quality of chemical polishing, the higher its purity, the better the polishing quality, and vice versa.

8. Passivation aluminum sheet: to make the metal surface into a state of oxidation which is not easy to be oxidized, and slowing the rate of metal corrosion.An active metal or alloy, the chemical activity greatly reduced to a noble state of the state called passive.

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