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What are the characteristics of traditional wire rods and aluminum alloy bars?
Nov 02, 2018

Wire rods, also known as lean tubes or plastic coated tubes, are welded steel tubes with a plastic resin coating. To prevent the coating from separating from the steel tubes, they are bonded with a special adhesive. Due to the diversification of modern production modes, it is necessary to continuously adjust and change the logistics station tools in the production process. The building block components can be constructed into almost all kinds of light-duty station tools. Change is inevitable, and the standard components of the bar products make it easy to adapt to changes in the field.


Product features:

1. The wire bar product is a modular system consisting of pipe fittings and couplings that can transform any creative idea into a personalized and practical structure, and is extremely simple and quick to manufacture.

2. The appearance of the wire rod is beautiful and wear-resistant. Any assembly of the building block makes the structure flexible and non-polluting, and meets environmental protection requirements.

3. Due to the simple adjustability of the bar product, it is convenient to adjust the pick-and-place height of the bar product, so that each operator can be in an excellent working position. The wire rod product system can inspire the innovation of the employees and continuously improve the products and processes.

The aluminum alloy wire rod is the third generation wire rod product, which is very different from the traditional wire rod. The material of the aluminum alloy bar is aluminum profile, "ten" type vertical bidirectional positioning tube. The aluminum alloy bar product is a modular system consisting of a "Ten" vertical bidirectional positioning tube and an aluminum die-cast coupling. It can transform any creative idea into a personalized and practical structure, and is extremely Simple and fast, low cost.


Features of aluminum alloy bars:

1. Light and beautiful: the parts of the frame joint are made of aluminum, and the aluminum + aluminum film treatment can maintain the aesthetics of the product;

2, easy to assemble: assembly is simple and fast, can reduce assembly time and improve efficiency;

3. Reusability: Reusable, contributing to environmental protection and reducing equipment costs.

4, multi-function: substantial spare parts can achieve a variety of purposes, such as shelves, workbench, turnover car and so on.