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What causes quality problems in coated aluminum sheet coil?
Oct 31, 2018

Coating is the most important process in the entire production of aluminum sheet coils. The appearance quality of coating products not only reflects the product protection and decorative performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value. However, all kinds of problems are unavoidable in this key process. Then, what causes quality problems in aluminum sheet coating?

1, process

The coating process is closely related to the quality of the coating, and the relative speed ratio of the coating roller, paint roller, measuring roller and base material is required to be controlled within a certain range. According to different systems and coating product film thickness, paint a certain range of viscosity to ensure smooth painting, promoting product quality. The curing process of the coating, oven control must be controlled according to the requirements, can not change arbitrarily, otherwise will seriously affect the color difference and performance of the coating products.

2. Raw materials

Coating and aluminum coil coating process is the most can influence factors on the quality of the coating, as a result of the coating color difference between batches, fineness of aluminum coating and coating rate is not high enough, poor coating with solvent, layering, and so on will directly influence the coating effect and defect, aluminum roll of base material uneven, film thickness, uneven deflection of edge, also directly affect the quality of the products and the overall use. Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be strictly controlled.

3, equipment,

The painting line requires the painting equipment to be in good condition, the painting equipment to be in smooth operation, no horizontal and vertical shaking, and the coating roller to be in fine grinding. All rollers must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise the quality of coating surface will be seriously affected.

4. Human factors

The responsibility of the operator, the technical proficiency and the standard of operation, is the key to obtain high quality coating effect. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the operator and let the operator master the principle and key points of the painting technology, strengthen the responsibility, strictly operate according to the operating procedures, so as to ensure high-quality painting products.

5, environmental

It is required that the interior department of painting should be clean, dustproof, insect-proof and ventilated to ensure the quality of painting surface is free from pollution. At the same time, change the technological conditions due to the temperature change.

The above is about the quality of aluminum plate coating on the reason to introduce this, these factors are interrelated, mutual influence. Sometimes a defect arises, and the various factors associated with it, must be analyzed and eliminated one by one. The quality of painting products, especially the apparent quality, directly affects the product decoration effect