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Why is there a color difference in the alumina plate?
Nov 02, 2018

In today's rapid development, many things have been in perfect condition before us. The alumina board is suitable for metal aluminum ceiling, aluminum-plastic panel, fireproof board and electrical panel due to its good weather resistance, strong metal feeling and strong applicability. , cabinet panels, furniture panels, etc. But you may have seen the color difference of the alumina plate, so why is there a color difference in the alumina plate?

1. When the material is oxidized, the effect of the treatment, such as the composition, content, concentration, temperature, treatment time, etc., will affect the final product.

2, in the closed coloring process of the product due to the color difference already existing in the production of the material, resulting in the difficulty of the sample, the color, the coloring;

3. The metal element content and material texture of the aluminum plates of different batches of raw materials cannot be consistent. It is difficult to achieve the same effect as the sample after multiple adjustments and sample evaluation.

The above is the reason why there is chromatic aberration in the alumina plate. There are many factors in the chromatic aberration of the alumina plate, raw materials, treatment syrup, treatment time, processing temperature, and the like. The color difference of the alumina plate is unavoidable and is also a characteristic of the anodized aluminum plate. However, each company will standardize a range of color difference, and the products in the range are normal.