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Wood grain aluminum sheet what's on the advantages of building materials in
Mar 27, 2017

1. the wood grain aluminum veneer lighter, good rigidity and strength of aluminum alloy material, tensile strength to perform well in the processing. 2. wood grain aluminum veneer had adopted fluorine-carbon spray coating technology, vacuum pumping wood grain transfer paste process, making its use with a double protective effect, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand climate change better. In maritime operations, traffic engineering, and so on. 3. wood grain aluminum sheet surface smooth and bright, simple, basic formation in the factory, when the installation order for simple integration cut, without the need for complex processing, quick and easy. 4. wood grain aluminum veneer science physics calculations can be used, the temperature is regulated through a variety of means, relieve stress impact. Under the conditions of stay in the fixed plate using flat and stable.

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