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6000 Series Aluminum Plate Features And Applications
Dec 06, 2017

6000 series aluminum 6061 aluminum plate is aluminum - magnesium - silicon alloy. As the 6-series aluminum production process is more complex, the manufacturer's technical equipment requires a higher level, so the price of 6-series aluminum is higher than a pure aluminum sheet.

6000 Series aluminum plate features:

1, Good workability. As a result of containing magnesium and silicon, so the 6-series aluminum processing performance is very good, can be adapted to cutting, stamping, bending, stretching and other processing methods, is a good plastic aluminum.

2, Strong corrosion resistance. 6000 series aluminum plate corrosion resistance is very good, mainly because the alloy contains magnesium. Good corrosion resistance allows 6-series aluminum plate have a very wide range of use.

3, High toughness, no deformation. 6-series aluminum has excellent toughness, especially when it is used for deep drawing, bending and other processing. It has stable performance after processing without deformation and is very suitable for machining operation.

4, Good welding performance. 6000 series aluminum plate can be welded and electroplating process, and the processed material performance will not be weakened.

5, Suitable for surface treatment. Polishing, color film, oxidation and other common surface treatment processes can be applied to the 6000 Series aluminum plate.

6000 series aluminum plate shortcomings: There is no perfect material, although the overall performance of the 6000 Series aluminum alloy is very good, but the hardness can not meet the requirements of many industries, the higher price also limited the application of 6000 series aluminum plate