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Aluminum Alloy Formwork Is Becoming Mainstream In The Construction Industry
Dec 03, 2018

In the current construction market, traditional wood formwork and all-steel formwork are widely used, but due to factors such as high energy loss rate and inconvenient construction, the innovation of the building formwork industry has been promoted. Aluminum alloy formwork has the incomparable advantages of wood formwork and steel formwork. With the advantages of safety, environmental protection, high quality, high efficiency and economy, aluminum alloy formwork has gradually become the mainstream of the construction industry. As a typical representative of green buildings, aluminum alloy templates are highly respected by the construction industry for their advantages such as light weight, easy assembly and turnover, no construction waste, and good structural forming effects.

It is understood that the application of aluminum alloy formwork is to reduce the construction cost per square meter by an average of 16 yuan for the main construction of the project. The construction cost per square meter is reduced by 16 yuan, which indirectly reduces the rental cost of large machinery and equipment, effectively reducing the generation of construction waste. Secondly, aluminum is a renewable material with a turnover of 200-300 times, while wood formwork can only be rotated 8-10 times. Replacing wood formwork with aluminum formwork can greatly improve social benefits. It has been shown that if a 20% aluminum template is used instead of a wood formwork, it can save 160 million cubic meters of wood. In the construction of underground integrated pipe gallery, the application of aluminum alloy formwork also has great advantages in terms of quality, safety and cost.