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Aluminum Coils Are Resistant To Corrosion
Jul 06, 2017

Aluminum coil Features: soft, plastic and strong, and has a very good usability. Is very suitable for applications involving complex molding, because it is harder to harden than other alloys. Aluminum alloy is the strongest solderable aluminum, and welding a variety of ways. 1100 grade aluminum non-heat treatment, but has a strong anti-corrosion ability, widely used in chemical and food processing industry. Aluminum Coil It is surface smooth, beautiful, can be used for jewelry field.

Aluminum coil connection method. The connection method is to first solder the aluminum coil on the terminal to form the welding part, and then coated with a layer of corrosion on the epoxy resin layer, Aluminum Coil and finally covered in the epoxy resin layer can buffer the epoxy resin The impact of the layer and the seal of the cover. The aluminum coil connection method of the domestic motor provided by the present invention protects the aluminum coil in contact with the terminal by using the epoxy resin layer and the cover, Aluminum Coil thereby preventing the aluminum coil from falling off due to corrosion and external impact, thereby improving the aluminum coil Product durability. In addition, since the aluminum coil is lower in price than the copper coil and the motor using the aluminum coil has the same life as the motor using the ordinary copper coil, it is possible to produce an aluminum coil which can not be used up to date to produce the home motor.

Spool coil is insulated on the paint, Aluminum Coil scratching the paint layer will be scrapped more, so you can view from an alternative point of view, such as the tray of the plastic tray.

The same total weight (profiteers of the usual practice), aluminum coil to light, so the tray will be a lot of weight, relatively speaking, the amount of sand in the composition to be mixed.

Test method is: light off a small piece of plastic with fire, taste heavy and burning time is short of the majority of aluminum coil, in turn, burning a little longer, the taste is not very smelly, it will be copper coil.

The above is just a simple test method.If you want to confirm, Aluminum Coil you can open the coil terminal of the foreskin, scraping a little patent leather point of view, anti-white light should be aluminum. White with red or slightly yellow is the copper.

But to the whole line of scraping look. Because some manufacturers will be wrapped in aluminum wire.

There is also a way to measure resistance.

First to determine the coil of a copper coil and a plate of aluminum coil of the exact resistance due to aluminum wire than the copper wire conductivity is high, so the resistance of the aluminum wire to be smaller.Experiment, the deviation is too large to pay attention to the The