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Aluminum Coils Can Be Combined To Produce Art Sculptures
May 19, 2017

Aluminum coil Features: soft, plastic and strong, and has a very good usability. Is very suitable for applications involving complex molding, Aluminum Coil because it is harder to harden than other alloys. Aluminum alloy is the strongest solderable aluminum, and welding a variety of ways. 1100 grade aluminum non-heat treatment, but has a strong anti-corrosion ability, widely used in chemical and food processing industry. It is flat surface, beautiful, can be used for jewelry field, aluminum coil can be combined to produce art sculpture

Aluminum coil refers to the pure aluminum or aluminum alloy made of raw materials made of metal wire material. Along the length of its longitudinal full length, uniform cross-section of the solid pressure processing products, and volume delivery. The cross-sectional shapes are round, oval, square, rectangular, equilateral triangles and regular polygons.

Aluminum is an active metal, Aluminum Coil and the surface of aluminum in dry air immediately forms a dense oxide film with a thickness of about 50 angstroms (1 angstrom = 0.1 nanometer) so that the aluminum does not oxidize further and is resistant to water; but the aluminum powder is mixed with air Burning; molten aluminum and water can be the corresponding metal; aluminum is bisexual, easily soluble in alkali, can also be soluble in dilute acid.

Aluminum content distribution: the most abundant crustal metal elements, the content of 8.3%. Mainly in the presence of aluminosilicate ore, as well as bauxite and cryolite. Alumina is a white amorphous powder, it has a variety of variants, one of the most familiar is α-Al₂O₃ and β-Al₂O₃. Natural corundum that belongs to α a Al ₂O ₃, its hardness after the diamond, high melting point, Naisuan Jian, commonly used to make some bearings, manufacturing abrasive, refractory materials. Such as corundum crucible, can withstand 1800 ℃ high temperature. Al₂O₃ has a variety of colors due to the presence of different impurities. For example, Aluminum Coil containing trace amounts of Cr (III) in red, known as ruby; containing Fe (II), Fe (III) or Ti (IV) called sapphire.

Aluminum is a light metal, chemical symbol Al, atomic number: 13. Aluminum in the crust in the content of oxygen and silicon after the third, is the most abundant crustal metal elements, the reserves in the metal in the first two. In the metal varieties, second only to steel, for the second category of metal.