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Aluminum Foil Insulation Good
Aug 10, 2017

The use of aluminum foil is very wide, such as aviation food packaging, general meat packaging, cable foil, building insulation materials and so on. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the packaging of aluminum foil products accounted for 70% of the total demand. Today, aluminum foil in the Chinese market has developed rapidly, people in daily life more and more can see the figure of aluminum foil. So what is aluminum foil?

For ordinary goods, Aluminum Foil packaging is to damp and prevent moisture leakage, but also can make goods or goods look more beautiful, more attractive, enhance the external image of the beauty and quality of goods, health, shelf life and other aspects also play a vital role. Now, Aluminum Foil our daily life common packaging generally has cartons, plastic bags, woven bags, aluminum foil, such as flexible packaging, in so many packaging, the characteristics of aluminum foil in the field of packaging applications more and more widely, and gradually become a shining star in the packaging industry.

Characteristics of aluminum Foil:

1, light quality, with a good metal luster to avoid light, Aluminum Foil heat and light has a higher reflective ability, technical luster and reflective ability to improve the brightness of the printing color;

2, good isolation, strong protection, not through gas and water vapor, to prevent the absorption of moisture, gasification, not susceptible to bacteria and insects;

3, good shape stability, not affected by humidity changes;

4, can not be affected by force, no sealing and sex, there are pinhole and wrinkle prone phenomenon, so in general, not alone, usually with paper, Aluminum Foil plastic film processing into composite materials, overcome the shortcomings of no sealing, its isolation and other advantages have been fully played.

Flexible packaging aluminum foil mainly used is the metal luster of aluminum foil, insulation, gas and a certain intensity, ductility. According to the use of different, Aluminum Foil emphasizing the performance is also different, according to the use of flexible packaging aluminum foil can be divided into three categories:

The first category, Food and drug packaging, mainly to seal, the main emphasis on gas insulation, light, non-toxic sex. This type of aluminum foil includes: pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals (medical devices, medical supplies) packaging, 0.02 microns, 0.015 microns, 0.009 microns, 0.007 microns.

Food, quasi food (toothpaste) packaging class, 0.015, 0.012, 0.009, 0.007 microns.

The second category, decorative class, mainly beauty, the main emphasis on the surface gloss evenly. This type of aluminum foil includes: A variety of printed packaging, advertising category.

The third category, between one or two categories, Aluminum Foil not only a certain degree of tightness but also a certain degree of beauty. Mainly for cigarettes, wine, food packaging.

Characteristics of aluminum Foil packaging

Aluminum foil is the use of 99%-99.7% pure electrolytic aluminum, after many times calendering, this soft metal film, not only moistureproof, airtight, shading, but also has the advantages of incense, non-toxic tasteless, such as the advantages of the existing other packaging materials can not be compared. Aluminum Foil This is the practical side of aluminum foil, its gorgeous side is embodied in its elegant silver-white luster, people can give full play to the imagination, printed on the above features, colorful beautiful patterns and patterns.

It is because of the super practical and colorful, aluminum foil packaging is increasingly favored by people, the market space Unlimited.

The advantages of aluminum foil: aluminum foil with shiny metal luster, decorative strong, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, relatively light weight, the proportion is only iron, copper, etc. one-third, rich extensibility, thin thickness, small unit area; good shading, reflective rate of up to 95%; strong protection, so that the packaging is not susceptible to bacteria, fungi and insects, the high temperature and low temperature state stability, temperature in-73~371℃ shrinkage deformation; excellent barrier, moisture-proof, airtight, fragrant, can prevent the packaging content of the moisture absorption, Oxidation and volatilization, its moisture resistance, oxygen resistance. Aluminum foil is easy to process, can be combined with a variety of plastic film and paper. Aluminum foil to have a good formability, its arrangement and performance is necessary even, metallurgical defects less, anisotropy small, together need high strength, ductility, thickness uniformity, good flatness.