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Aluminum Foil Is A Packaging Material
Aug 22, 2017

Aluminum foil has a clean, hygienic and shiny appearance, it can be made with many other packaging materials, integrated packaging materials, and aluminum foil surface printing effect is better than other materials, in addition to aluminum foil has the following characteristics:

(1) aluminum foil surface is extremely clean, health, any bacteria or microorganisms can not grow on its surface.

(2) aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material, it can be in direct contact with food and no harm to human health.

(3) aluminum foil is a tasteless and odorless packaging material, Aluminum Foil will not make the packaging of food has any smell.

(4) If the foil itself is not volatile, it itself and the packaged food will never dry or shrink.

(5) whether at high temperatures or at low temperatures, aluminum foil will not have the phenomenon of oil penetration.

(6) aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material, Aluminum Foil so for sunshine irradiation products, such as margarine is a good packaging material.

The four uses of aluminum foil are:

First, air conditioning foil

The air-conditioning foil is a special material for the manufacture of heat exchangers for air conditioners, and the early use of air-conditioning foils is a foil. In order to improve the appearance of the foil, the coating is coated with a preservative inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating before forming to form a hydrophilic foil. The current hydrophilic foil accounted for% of the total amount of air conditioning foil, Aluminum Foil the use of the proportion will be further improved. There is also another kind of hydrophobic foil, so that the fin surface has a hydrophobic function, to avoid condensate attached. Because the hydrophobic foil to improve the appearance of defrosting skills to be further discussed, the current practice produced very little.

Air conditioning foil thickness of 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm. With the development of skills, air-conditioning foil has been further thinning trend, Japan's current product thickness of 0.09mm. In the very thin state, the aluminum foil to have a good formability, its arrangements and performance need to be uniform, Aluminum Foil less metallurgical defects, anisotropy is small, together with higher strength, good ductility, uniform thickness, flatness is good. Air conditioning foil standard and alloy relatively single, suitable for large-scale production, but its shopping malls seasonal strong, on the professional production of air-conditioning foil manufacturers, Aluminum Foil it is difficult to deal with the season for too much and cold season is simply no need for contradictions.

Because the mall needs weak trading, in recent years, China's air-conditioning foil production capacity and skill level of continuous progress, has been formed medium and small, high and low production of air-conditioning foil company groups, some large companies such as North China Aluminum, Bohai aluminum product quality Has reached the world leading level. Because the domestic production capacity surplus, shopping malls competition exceptionally violent.

Second, cigarette packaging foil

China is the world's largest cigarette production and spending power, the current China has 146 large cigarette factory, with an annual output of 34 million cigarettes a total of cigarettes, Aluminum Foil are basically selected cigarette foil packaging, during which 30% selected spray foil, 70% Aluminum foil, calendering consumption of aluminum foil 35,000 tons, followed by the enhancement of public health awareness and the impact of foreign imports of cigarettes, the amount of tobacco needs to significantly reduce the increase, Aluminum Foil it is estimated that in recent years will be slightly added. China's cigarette packaging foil accounted for 70% of the total number of double foil, the current domestic two or three companies can produce high-quality tobacco, the level of skills and the appropriate level of the world, but the overall quality of domestic cigarette and the world level must be a certain distance.

Third, the decoration with foil

Decorative foil is aluminum-plastic composite way to use the decoration materials, the use of aluminum foil color is good, high light and heat reflectivity characteristics. Mainly used for the construction, furniture decoration and part of the gift box packaging. The use of decorative foil in the construction industry in China began in the 1990s, and the central cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou extended rapidly to all parts of the country. In recent years, the demand has been added sharply, usually as the inner wall of the building and the interior Decoration materials, in the commercial sector facade and interior decoration is also widely used.

Decorative foil with insulation, moisture, noise, fire and easy to clean and so on, and the appearance of luxury, processing facilities, construction equipment fast. The current construction of China, Aluminum Foil the home improvement industry has formed the use of decorative foil boom. With the rapid construction of China's construction industry and the continuous use of decorative foil, decorative foil requirements will be a substantial increase in the amount. In addition, the use of decorative foil packaging gifts in foreign countries is very popular in recent years in China to carry out very fast, Aluminum Foil it is estimated there will be a better vision.

Fourth, the cable foil

Cable foil is the use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding, single or double coated with plastic film, the composition of the aluminum # plastic composite foil, used as a cable shield. Aluminum Foil Cable foil needs appearance with less oil, no holes, with high mechanical properties, the overall quality needs are not high, but the length of the need for extremely severe.

At present, the leading domestic cold rolling mill, all-round rolling mill and aluminum foil roughing mill can produce, but the poor growth of shopping malls, the domestic annual demand for 25,000 tons.