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Aluminum Foil Is Highly Barrier-resistant
Sep 22, 2017

Aluminum foil is made from the thickness of 0.4~0.7mm (more with 0.5mm) of the industrial pure aluminum through a number of cold reduction and made of the Rao metal foil. Aluminum foil in the metal can be used in the manufacture of new easy-tearing lid and sealed foil in cans. Aluminum foil for metal cans, the thickness is 0.06~0.09mm. The next little series for everyone to introduce the use of aluminum foil and the various properties of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil Use

1. Air conditioner Foil

Air-conditioner foil is used in the manufacture of air conditioner, which is an important part of air conditioner-the special manufacture material of heat exchanger. Air-conditioner foil is a kind of aluminum foil with less metallurgical defects and better ductility, so it has good formability in processing, Aluminum Foil and the aluminum foil material is very uniform. After the anti-corrosion, and other processing, air conditioning foil has a good surface performance. Generally speaking, the thickness of the air conditioner foil is between 0.10-0.15 mm, Aluminum Foil but due to the exquisite processing technology, the thickness of the air conditioner foil has a downward trend, such as the thickness of the air conditioner foil produced in Japan can reach only 0.09 mm.

2, cigarette packaging foil

This kind of aluminum foil can be said to be the closest to our daily life, in the cigarette box we can see the use of cigarette foil. Especially in domestic, cigarette domestic demand quantity, export quantity is big, therefore the cigarette packaging foil expense is also very big. In general, Aluminum Foil 70% of the cigarette foil is rolled aluminum foil, and the other 30% uses the spray foil. At present, there are several companies in the domestic production of cigarette foil can reach the world-class level, but overall, the average quality distance from the world level there is a certain gap.

3. Decoration foil

Because of the excellent color of aluminum foil, light and heat reflectance is also good, it can also be used for decoration, packaging and so on. About the last century, the decoration foil began to be used in the decoration field, and then quickly became popular. Aluminum Foil Because the decoration foil also has moistureproof antiseptic, the heat insulation and so on characteristic, is one kind of excellent decoration material. In addition, aluminum foil packaging exquisite high-grade, in recent years also gradually became popular.

4. Cable foil

Aluminum foil can also be used as a cable shield because of its tightness and shielding. However, before use, aluminum foil needs to be coated with plastic film processing. Aluminum Foil For cable aluminum foil, in terms of length, mechanical properties, sealing performance has certain requirements, especially on the length of the requirements, but also very strict.

Various properties of aluminum foil

1, mechanical

The mechanical properties of aluminum foil mainly include tensile strength, elongation, crack resistance and so on. The mechanical properties of aluminum foil are mainly determined by the thickness, the national standard gb/t3189-2003 aluminum and aluminum alloy foil, Aluminum Foil the longitudinal mechanical properties of China's aluminum foil are correspondingly stipulated.

Overall, the aluminum foil quality is light, ductility is good, the thickness is thin, the unit area quality is small. But the strength is low, easy to tear, folds easily breaks, produces the eyelet, Aluminum Foil therefore generally does not use alone to wrap the product. Many cases are compounded with other plastic film and paper to overcome their shortcomings.

2. High Barrier Property

Aluminum foil with water, steam, light, fragrance has a high barrier, and not affected by the environment, temperature, and therefore often used to protect the packaging, moisture-proof packaging, so as to prevent the packaging content of the moisture absorption, Aluminum Foil oxidation and volatile deterioration. Especially suitable for food high-temperature cooking sterilization packaging.

3. Corrosion resistance

Aluminum foil surface naturally formed oxide film, the formation of oxide film can further prevent the continuation of oxidation, therefore, in the packaging content has a higher acidity or alkaline, often on its surface coating to protect the coating or coated PE, so as to improve its corrosion resistance.

4, heat-resistant, low temperature resistance

The high temperature and low temperature state of the aluminum foil is stable, the temperature does not shrink and deform at-73~371℃ at the same time, and has good thermal conductivity, its heat conduction rate can reach 55%. Therefore can be used for high-temperature cooking or other hot processing, but also can be used in refrigerated packaging.

5. Shading

Aluminum foil has a good shading, its reflective rate can be as high as 95%, while the appearance of silver-white metallic luster, through the surface printing decoration can show a good packaging decoration effect, so aluminum foil is also a high-grade packaging materials.