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Aluminum Plate Has The Characteristics Of Easy Processing
Sep 01, 2017

Advantages of aluminum PLATE:

1. Small density: the density of pure aluminum is close to 2700kg/m3, about 35% of the density of iron.

2. Conductive, good thermal conductivity: aluminum conductive, thermal conductivity of silver, copper and gold.

3. No low-temperature brittleness: aluminum below 0 degrees Celsius, Aluminum Sheet as the temperature decreases, the strength and plastic injustice will not decrease, but improve.

4. Corrosion-resistant: aluminum and its alloy surface, easy to generate a layer of dense, strong $literal protective film. This layer of protective film only under the influence of halogen ions or alkali ions will be destroyed. Therefore, aluminum has a good resistance to the atmosphere (including industrial atmospheres and marine large steam) corrosion and water corrosion capacity. Aluminum Sheet can resist the corrosion of most acid and organic matter, adopt corrosion inhibitor, can withstand weak alkali liquid to corrode, adopt protective measure, Aluminum Sheet can increase corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy.

5. Easy to process: aluminum used in any casting method. The aluminum has good plasticity, can be rolled into thin plate and foil, extruded into pipe and filament, Aluminum Sheet extruding into all kinds of civil profiles, and can be achieved by most machine tools for machining, milling, boring and planing.

6. Can be strengthened: pure aluminum through the cold processing can make its strength more than one times higher. But also by adding magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium, scandium and other elements of alloying, and then through heat treatment further enhanced, Aluminum Sheet its strength comparable to the quality of alloy steel.

7. Strong reflection: Aluminum polished surface to white light reflectivity of more than 80%, the higher the purity, the higher the reflectivity. At the same time, aluminum on infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic wave, thermal radiation, etc. have good reflective performance.

The biggest feature of aluminum plate is light weight, only 1/3 of steel, and strength (ratio of strength limit to proportion) can reach or exceed structural steel. Second, aluminum plate is easy to process into various shapes, can adapt to a variety of connection technology, so as to use the most economical and reasonable section form to provide a favorable premise. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy can not only greatly reduce the weight of buildings, save building materials, but also reduce the transport of components, installation workload, Aluminum Sheet speed up construction progress. The economic effect is more obvious for the mountainous areas and remote areas where the earthquake area and traffic are inconvenient. Aluminum plate luster Beautiful, good erosion resistance, light and heat reflectivity of high, sound absorption function, Aluminum Sheet through chemical and electrochemical methods can obtain a variety of colors. Therefore, aluminum plate is widely used in industrial and civil construction of roofing, wall, doors and windows, skeletons, interior and exterior decorative panels, ceilings, ceiling, railing handrails, indoor furniture, store containers, Aluminum Sheet as well as the formwork used in the building.

Aluminum alloy is divided into two kinds: wrought aluminum alloy and deformed aluminum alloy according to its different production way.