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Aluminum Plate Used In Building Decoration Engineering
Aug 10, 2017

Aluminum plate, as the name implies, refers to the use of aluminum or aluminum alloy material made of plate type material. Or it is made by the process of heating, rolling and straightening, Aluminum Sheet or solid-solution aging heat, made of aluminum plate-type products.

Aluminum plate refers to the use of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material through the pressure machining (cutting or sawing) to obtain a cross-section of rectangular material with uniform thickness. Aluminum Sheet The international put the thickness at 0.2mm above 500mm, 200mm width above the length of 16m aluminum material called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet. 0.2mm below is the aluminum foil, Aluminum Sheet the width is the platoon material or the strip.

The aluminum plate used in the building includes a single-layer aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate and other materials, usually refers to a single layer of aluminum (also known as single aluminum plate or pure aluminum plate), more used in building decoration engineering, Aluminum Sheet in recent years in the aluminum plate curtain wall single layer of aluminum plate used more see. Aluminum curtain wall is also a form of curtain wall, simply to use aluminum plate instead of glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall is used for wall cover and no light wall.

The main use of aluminum plate is:

1, Lighting lighting 2, solar reflective film 3, architectural appearance 4, interior decoration: ceiling, wall, such as 5, furniture, cabinets 6, Elevator 7, signs, nameplate, luggage 8, car interior decoration 9., indoor decorations: such as frame 10, home appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, such as 11, aerospace and military aspects, such as China's current large aircraft manufacturing, Aluminum Sheet Shenzhou spacecraft series, satellite and so on.

Plate, refers to the use of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material through pressure processing (cut or sawing) to obtain a cross-section of rectangular, uniform thickness of the rectangular material. The international custom to put the thickness at 0.2mm above, 500mm below, 200mm width above, the length of 16m aluminum material is called aluminum sheet or aluminum sheet, 0.2mm below for the aluminum foil, the 200mm width of the material or material (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the widest can be done in 600mm of the platoon is also more).

Aluminum plates are usually divided into the following two types:

1. Divided by alloy components:

High-purity aluminum plate (from 99.9 above the content of high purity aluminum rolling)

Pure aluminum plate (composed of pure aluminum rolling)

Alloy aluminum plate (made of aluminum and auxiliary alloys, Aluminum Sheet usually with aluminum, copper, aluminum, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, etc.)

Composite aluminum sheet or Shan welded plate (for special purpose aluminum sheet materials by means of a plurality of materials)

Aluminium aluminum sheet (aluminum sheet coated with thin aluminum sheet for special use)

2. According to the thickness: (unit mm)

Sheet (aluminum sheet) 0.15-2.0

Conventional Board (aluminum sheet) 2.0-6.0

Medium plate (aluminum plate) 6.0-25.0

Thick plate (aluminum plate) 25-200