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Aluminum Rings Can Be Made Into Tires For Cars
May 19, 2017

Aluminum ring is a high-class car tires inside the metal ring, biased for practical use of high-end cars, aluminum light and beautiful, Aluminum Circle coupled with the special car spray powder, varnish is more light after pressing, its appearance as a beautiful ornament. As a car tires, the hardness of the deviation, easy to deformation, but can be repaired.

Now in the high-end cars, are vacuum tires, and its premise must be aluminum ring, the seal is enough. The economic car on the market is the steel ring, its hardness is good, but not beautiful, but the cost is low, broken after the change, and the aluminum ring on Chen Ben relatively high, Porsche 911 aluminum ring about 1W-2W The While the ordinary high-class car is relatively cheap, such as Dongfeng Honda CRV its aluminum ring about 1000 or so.

Aluminum ring into the tire before the lack of gas, the tire can not be covered with aluminum ring, so that the tire will be difficult to play airtight effect, Aluminum Circle with the general inflatable way is not able to fill the tires up, so through the commonly known as " Gas bobbin "tool to complete the bead installation.

Aluminum ring into the 205 / 40ZR17 specifications tire, not inflated before the tread and the aluminum ring between the gap, you can clearly see the tread can not be completely covered aluminum ring, and the gap is not ordinary small.

The air burst can instantly fill a large amount of air into the tire, so that the tire wall and the beak can be quickly covered on the aluminum ring, so as to establish air tightness, but the use of this method to inflate the tire conditions are limited, Is the loss of flexibility of the old tire, the bead width gap can not be too large, the above conditions have been quite tight, and the thinner than the thin tires, Aluminum Circle the difference between the width of the lower allowable value, it is because the tread is not enough to cover aluminum Part of the circle is replaced by the tire wall, the sidewall is thin relative to extend the width of the smaller, naturally can not cope with too much bead width difference. As the bead combination method is contrary to the use of tires specifications, so I suggest that the width of the gap just fine, after all, the tire wall is more vulnerable parts of the tire, and the original function is to absorb the road bounce, rather than distraction or friction ground Use, in order to ensure traffic safety, bead width difference or not more than 35mm more appropriate.

How to do the aluminum ring

It is difficult to recognize the aluminum ring with the naked eye. Aluminum Circle There is a way to identify the aluminum ring with or without trachoma, the aluminum ring fitted with tires after playing enough gas, on the water to see if there is no bubble out is a good circle. Because the aluminum ring is cast out, it is inevitable that there are trachoma.