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Aluminum Sheet What Are The Concrete Acid Etching Process
Mar 27, 2017

Aluminum veneer etching process is: the erosion of degreasing → washing → → washing → washing → alkaline etching → washing → washing → lighting → washing → washing → oxide composition. Profile after oil acid, alkaline etching after, light, before the completion of the disposal. Center of the technical process is acid etched, machinery, such as grain, sand etching resolution. Unlike alkaline etching, acid's greatest strength is to mechanical lines ability, quick sand, aluminum consumption is low, usually 3-5 minutes to end, almost alkaline etching of aluminum consumption 1/8-1/6. However, the acid etching the environmental question more outstanding: HF Acid tank of toxic gas escapes and pollution of the wash Bowl. Fluoride is usually toxic, disposal more difficult. The other, etching after disposal, profiles black dark appearance, although no consecutive alkaline etching and light, brightening, but still very dark, not only increase the operation and lost luster, these also require a single aluminum plate to improve the.