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An Overview Of Aluminum
Jan 04, 2018

Aluminum: the most important feature of aluminum sheet is light weight, about 20 degrees at room temperature and density 2.7. When the temperature is 700℃, the density is 2.373. 99.5% aluminum sheet density is 2.71. The density is about 1/3 of that of normal metal. The conductivity of commonly used aluminum wire is about 61% of copper. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is half silver.

aluminum sheet 1100.png

Pure aluminum sheet is very soft and low strength, but it has good ductility. Aluminum sheet can be drawn into filaments and rolled foils. Aluminum sheet is widely used in wire, cable and packaging industries. Aluminum sheet’s electrical conductivity is two-thirds of that of copper, and its density is one-third of it, so aluminum will be equal in quality and equal length compared with copper, aluminum conductive capacity is twice as copper, and the price is low. Therefore, the field of high-voltage lines made of aluminum can be a saving of cost.

aluminum coil.png

Aluminum sheet thermal conductivity is 3 times larger than the iron. Aluminum sheet commonly used in industry, a variety of heat exchangers, cooling materials, etc. Many household cookware are made of aluminum circle. Compared with iron, aluminum sheet is not easy to rust, to extend the service life. Aluminum powder has a silver-white luster, which is often used as an explosive mixture since aluminum is burnt in oxidation to emit bright white light and release heat.

aluminum sheet.jpg

Pure aluminum melting point is 660℃. 99.5 aluminum melting point is 655℃. Aluminum boiling point is 2060℃.

In the metallurgical industry, the steel-making industrial aluminum is used as a deoxidizer, the glossy aluminum plate has good reflective properties and is used for manufacturing mirrors.

aluminum sheet.jpg