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Automotive Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank - Product Application
Aug 07, 2018

With the development of various new materials, the rust prevention problem of iron fuel tanks has become the biggest problem of fuel tank quality. Especially in today's environmental protection work. Aluminum alloy fuel tanks are far superior to carbon steel and plastics in corrosion resistance, impact resistance, service life and recovery value. In terms of heavy trucks: In the process of propelling the country's 45 vehicles, the problem affecting the advancement of new models is the quality of China's oil. The key to the quality of fuel tanks that are loaded with fuel has become the focus.


The aluminum alloy fuel tank is a fuel tank made of aluminum alloy sheet. The aluminum alloy fuel tank process is made in the same way as the basic layout of iron, and on the basis of it, the fuel tank mechanism is further optimized to make the overall structure more stable, simpler to manufacture and easy to produce.


In 1980, the first aluminum fuel tank was produced in Europe. By 2004, there were more than 400,000 aluminum fuel tanks produced in Europe, and the maximum number of pillars reached 1,100 liters. The fuel tanks of trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz and MAN were 100. % is only used in aluminum alloy. It is a bit lighter, only 40% of the same volume steel fuel tank, no paint, environmentally friendly production process, long life, can achieve 10 years of corrosion, more than twice the same structural steel fuel tank, materials can be recycled After the aluminum alloy fuel tank is scrapped, the material recycling rate is above 85%.


The aluminum alloy fuel tank not only meets the strength direction but also has a great advantage in corrosion resistance compared to iron and other new materials. It has also become the first choice for large passenger cars and heavy trucks with high fuel consumption and high fuel quality requirements. Aluminum alloy fuel tanks have accounted for more than 80% of heavy trucks, passenger cars and utility vehicles, and are now occupying the fuel tank market at very fast speeds. It is also a development direction in fuel tank accessories.