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Characteristics Of Aluminum Sheet Drawing Die
Jan 28, 2019

The first is the full-diameter die of the aluminum plate. The characteristics of the full-diameter die are that there is no obvious conical deformation zone, and the diameter of the full-diameter die of the aluminum plate is generally 15~40mm. The specification of the full-diameter die is a mold made every 1 mm of the outer diameter, and each type is made 4 to 5, and according to the standard of this industry, it can be reduced by 0.05 to 0.1 mm. Secondly, the wire drawing die, the aluminum alloy wire drawing die is mainly a hard aluminum alloy die, and the die blank is realized according to the shape of the required die hole, and only needs to be polished and polished when used, and the operation is simple, to reduce Or offset the work of the cemented carbide blank during operation, and easy to use and replace, the cemented carbide mold can be pressed into the steel mold sleeve.

Finally, the pipe drawing die, the ordinary pipe drawing die is generally divided into four parts, first to say the lubrication cone (inlet cone), the role of this zone is to store the lubricant, to facilitate the entry of the blank into the work area, reduce the stretch Frictional resistance, and more rounded, the length is 1.1~1.5 of the diameter; for the pipe and bar tensile die, the length of the lubrication cone is replaced by the arc of R-=4~8mm, and β≈(2~ 3) a. Sizing belt. The reasonable shape of the sizing belt is a column shape, and the tensile mold for producing the thin wire can have a taper of 0.5° to 2° after being modified. The length of the sizing belt is generally 4~5mm. Export cone. The angle of the exit cone is 2r ≈ 60°. The length of the outlet cone can be 20%~50% of the diameter of the belt according to the mold specifications and materials, and the general enterprise is 1~3mm. Working cone (compression cone). The metal is stretched and deformed in this zone to obtain the desired shape and size.