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Cleaning Steps Of Aluminum Plate
Jul 19, 2017

Aluminum plate, as the name implies, refers to the use of aluminum or aluminum alloy material made of the plate. Or it is made by the process of heating, rolling and straightening, or solid-solution aging heat, made of aluminum plate-type products.

The aluminum plate used in the building includes a single-layer aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate and other materials, usually refers to a single layer of aluminum (also known as single aluminum plate or pure aluminum plate), more used in building decoration engineering, Aluminum Sheet in recent years in the aluminum sheet wall of the single layer of aluminum plate used more. Aluminum curtain wall is also a form of curtain wall, simply said that the use of aluminum to replace glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall is used for wall cover and no light walls. Aluminum curtain wall in foreign countries has been using single layer aluminum plate. Single-layer aluminum plate general use of pure aluminum. Aluminum plate thickness of 3mm, in order to strengthen the aluminum plate surface strength, Aluminum Sheet in the back of the aluminum plate, the reinforcement must be installed (now some manufacturers are uneasy), reinforced with thick aluminum strips, Aluminum Sheet first with a flash welder to weld the nut on the back of the aluminum plate and then make the reinforced bar of the aluminum drill hole sleeve into the screws, fixed with screws.

In order to reduce the weight of aluminum plate, increase the strength of aluminum plate, we use aluminum alloy plate, often choose 21st rust-proof Aluminum code LF21 pressure into aluminum plate for curtain wall aluminum. The thickness of aluminum sheet is reduced from 3mm to 2.5mm, Aluminum Sheet the strength of the alloy is about 1 time times higher than that of pure aluminium. Reinforced with LF21 aluminum strip, the width of the aluminum strip according to the aluminum plate surface, general thickness 2-2.5mm, Wide 10-25mm. Aluminum plate curtain wall of aluminum plate back why to strengthen the tendons, is in the external positive and negative pressure situation, the aluminum plate will not sag, two will not bulge, so as to avoid the aluminum plate wall repeatedly vibration and vibration sound. Aluminum Sheet If the need for sound insulation, can be inside the aluminum plate, placing rock wool, slag cotton or foaming treatment. The first aluminum plate curtain wall Manufacturers in China, Chongqing Southwest Aluminum deep-processing Plant, the factory for military manufacturers, the production of aluminum plate width can reach 2.8 meters. Aluminum Sheet Curtain wall Aluminum surface treatment, can be divided into two methods, one is anodic oxidation, the other is electrostatic spraying. Anodic oxidation of the oxide film in general 12μ above, the color only bronze and white two kinds, the color monotonous, more serious disadvantage is each piece of aluminum plate surface color varies, many pieces of wall panels together to form a curtain wall overall effect is very ugly. This shortcoming can be said to be impossible to eliminate, not the production technology, but because the aluminum plate is not by a batch number, chemical composition, there are small differences, coupled with the oxidation of the cell current density and other factors can not be exactly the same, so the color of the oxidation of the number of differences, the single picture may not be obvious, Aluminum Sheet if all lined up is very obvious. therefore aluminum plate curtain wall aluminum plate surface treatment, must not use anodic oxidation.

The specific cleaning steps of the aluminum sheet are as follows:

1. Flush the surface of the board with a large amount of water;

2, the use of dipping through water diluted detergent soft cloth gently wipe test board;

3. Rinse the board surface with plenty of water and wash away the dirt.

4, inspection Board surface, for not clean place with detergent key cleaning;

5, rinse the board with water until all the detergent washed away.

Note: Do not clean the hot plate surface (when the temperature exceeds the 40°c), because the moisture too quickly volatile on the plate surface paint harmful!

In particular, please choose the appropriate detergent, a basic principle is: must choose neutral detergent! Please do not use strong alkaline detergents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, or sodium carbonate, strong acidic detergents, abrasive detergents, and paint-soluble detergents.

Although the installation of aluminum plate is relatively simple, the cost is relatively low, but to ensure the quality of the construction of aluminum plate, Aluminum Sheet our construction staff are bound to strictly comply with the requirements of the process. Aluminum Plate Factory staff also share the basic construction process of aluminum plate. First of all, the site to carry out the measurement and discharge line, according to the results of the survey to establish a good construction plan. Then the inspection of various construction materials including aluminum sheet, to ensure that both quantity and quality meet the requirements. Then the construction area is cleaned up, Meet the construction requirements. Then the construction materials to be processed in a certain way. After the steel skeleton is installed, it is necessary to inspect the installation condition, and then the next construction can be carried out, which is related to the safety of construction. Then is the aluminum plate insulation paste and aluminum plate installation. Do not rush to the tension after installation, we need to adjust the position of each aluminum plate to ensure the quality of the construction. Adjust before you can make a plastic fixed. After gluing, we need to clean up the plastic marks that will have a good effect on them In this way, we can fully ensure the beauty. At this time, Aluminum Sheet our installation work has not been completely completed, but also must undergo rigorous testing.