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Common Application Fields Of Aluminum Plate--home Appliance Field
Feb 10, 2019

The rice cooker is made of a general alloy aluminum inner liner. The thickness of the inner liner is generally less than 1.2 mm, and the surface treatment technique uses an ordinary non-stick coating. This kind of liner is usually very effective at the beginning, no casserole, no sticking, but after a long period of high temperature, it is easy to deform, and the non-stick coating on the surface is easy to fall off after brushing. Seriously, the exposed aluminum coating and the exposed aluminum layer are easily doped into the food and have an adverse effect on the human body.


The aluminum alloy not only has high wind pressure resistance but also good watertight performance. The aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, and the profile has a precise cross-sectional dimension and high processing accuracy. Optional sealing material with good water resistance, elasticity and durability.


According to the physics principle, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 237W/mK, and the thermal conductivity of iron is 80W/mK. The higher the thermal conductivity value, the better the thermal conductivity. The faster the cooling rate under the same conditions, the better the cooling effect. . Haier uses an embossed aluminum plate evaporator with a cooling rate three times that of a wire tube evaporator. You can give a small test, drop a drop of water on the aluminum plate of the freezer of the power-on refrigerator, and it will become ice in 5 seconds. The cooling speed is very fast!