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Diesel Cars Are Not Waiting For The Future Of Automotive Aluminum Demand
Nov 07, 2018

Jean-Marc Germain, CEO of Dutch aluminium producer Constellium, said on Tuesday that with the reduction in the use of automotive diesel engines, the automotive industry will use more aluminum components to reduce the weight of the car body to meet the waste discharge standards.

The use of aluminum parts as a substitute for automotive steel parts will increase some production costs, but many advanced models use this model, and the electric vehicles sold in the mass market also use more aluminum parts, which means the future automotive aluminum The future of the components is bright.

“Diesel cars are not waiting to be seen, this is good news for aluminum. The use of aluminum parts will help improve the effectiveness of waste reduction.” After the German “Diesel Door” scandal broke out, the reputation of diesel cars is declining, the company As a result, it has suffered large fines from regulators such as the United States.

There are already EU legislators calling for a ban on the use of diesel vehicles, and the EU is considering the ban to achieve a target of reducing vehicle emissions by a third by 2030.

Jean-Marc Germain said on Tuesday that although the Terras 3 and Audi 8 models with steel components are well received by the market, the company believes that the demand for aluminum components in the automotive industry will average 10-20% per year in the medium term. The increase is due to the trend of the auto industry turning to lighter weight and more materials.

He said that in the aviation sector, the demand for aluminum components will increase further, as manufacturers will use more plastic products.

He said that the company has adjusted its supply of primary aluminum next year, as one of its previous suppliers, Rusal, will face US sanctions. The company has multiple suppliers, even if Rusal will face US sanctions, it will also receive primary aluminum supply. There is no problem.